Announcing A313 Official Trademark Awarded to French Pharmacy for US Market!

Frenchpharmacy.com, the leading online retailer of French beauty products in the US, has announced that they have obtained the official USPTO trademark, as well as the exclusive rights to sell A313, a pharmaceutical-grade vitamin A cream that is widely sought after by skincare enthusiasts.

A313 is a product of Pharma Developpement, an industrial pharmaceutical laboratory located in Burgundy, France. It contains 0.12% of retinol esters, which are mild forms of vitamin A that help with acne, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, and skin glow. A313 is sold over-the-counter in France and is considered one of the country’s best beauty secrets.

Real A313 vs. Impostors/Fakes

Frenchpharmacy.com has been importing and distributing A313 in the US since 2019, but faced some challenges from other sellers who claimed to offer the same product at lower prices and. However, many of these sellers were either selling fake or old /expired versions of A313, or were not authorized by Pharma Developpement to sell their product in the US.

After years of frustration, we hired a trademark attorney to file the application with the USPTO to have French Pharmacy be the exclusive reseller for A313 in the US.

“To protect our customers and our reputation, we decided to apply for the USPTO trademark for FrenchPharmacy to have the exclusive rights to sell A313 in the US,” says Jerome Salem, Founder and Owner of FrenchPharmacy.com.

After a rigorous examination process, the USPTO granted Frenchpharmacy.com the trademark registration for FRENCHPHARMACY FP on September 5, 2023, with a registration number of 7153250.

The registration certificate states that Frenchpharmacy.com is the only registered and official carrier of A313 for the entire US market.


By obtaining the trademark registration and the exclusive rights to sell A313, Frenchpharmacy.com has achieved a significant milestone in our business.  We want to continue to provide the best French skincare products from France in the US. We have also ensured that our customers will receive authentic and fresh products that meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

Read more about the USPTO Trademark verification for A313 here.

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