150 years of history you would not expect...

In 1862, Armand Roger and Charles Gallet, both partners and brothers-in-law, entrepreneurs and visionaries, decided to create Roger&Gallet in the heart of the City of Light, Paris.

Avant-garde by tradition

“Avant-garde by tradition” was the House’s signature. Through innovative and luxurious products, Roger & Gallet created a unique and exceptional universe of scents, care products and perfumes. Today, the brand still draws its inspiration from this heritage.

Over more than 150 years, Roger&Gallet has been developing timeless products, with a special attention to detail and excellence, enabling the company to become the official supplier to all the royal courts. 

They created a scroll-shaped bottle for Napoleon, an absolute fan of the Eau de Cologne, which he could slip into his boots. Roger&Gallet is also the official supplier to H.M. Queen Elizabeth II of England.

Nature is at the heart of each product, with up to 95% of ingredients of natural origin, many free of parabens, silicones, dyes and mineral oils. All products contain 100% distilled precious essences with beneficial properties proven by time and science.

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