Sensitive skin specialist

A-Derma develops dermatological products for sensitive skin with efficiency and safety as a priority. The brand specializes in plant-based dermatological products - almost 40 years ago, A-DERMA invented herbal skin care, a new way to care for sensitive skin. 

Herbal skin care lab

All A-Derma products contain a unique active ingredient, white spring oats, Rhealba® oats. This pioneering herbal dermatological approach is committed to both humanity and nature, allowing sensitive skin to restore its balance naturally.

It all started in the 1970s when Pierre Fabre, a pharmacist from Castres with a passion for botany, chose oats as the subject of his research. Oats were a forgotten plant at the time but had been used for medicinal purposes for over three millennia. 

A-Derma Laboratories created a new active ingredient: the young, fresh oat shoots of Rhealba®. The oat shoots are harvested at 10-12 weeks when the concentration of the effective molecules, such as calming flavonoids and balancing saponins, is highest.

A-Derma constantly develops new and innovative, best-selling products that are recommended by doctors. 

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