Innovative care

For Ducray, innovation has always meant developing skin care products that improve daily life and using science to provide long-lasting soothing effects. 

90 years of innovation

Since 1930, the brand has adopted a contributory approach, involving both patients and healthcare professionals.

Ducray has developed daily life-changing care and innovation since 1930 dedicated to skin & hair care. 

As a young hairdresser making his way in Paris, the founder Albert Ducray was quick to observe the damaging and dulling effects of soap powders when used as shampoos. Between 1929 and 1931 this dermatologist’s son created his own brand, Dr Ducray, and developed LIK Savon, a revolutionary range of single-dose shampoos adapted to different hair types.

In the 1980s, strengthened by medical professionals’ trust, Ducray took up a new challenge and developed Ictyanewhich was to become a leader in dry skincare thanks to its revolutionary Galenic composition. The brand continued its dermatological research and developed a range of targeted solutions to treat hair and skin disorders that can affect anyone. 

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