Skincentric with a beauty focus

Since 2007, Erborian’s objective has been to develop products that would enhance your routine and provide the most benefits for your complexion in the fewest steps possible. The brand seeks out the most optimal combination of unique fruits, herbs, seed oils and vegetable extracts that are carefully tested for both instant visible results and long-term care. 

Makeup meets skincare

With ingrained Korean beauty ideals, Erborian uses the best of tradition and technology: special and highly potent ingredients meet hybrid, multitasking formulas to deliver instant and long-term benefits in simple-to-use products. Erborian promises to always put you and your skin first.

Erborian draws from its Korean know-how, paying special attention to the quality of ingredients.

The skincare house's creation process involves identifying the most ideal combination of special fruits, herbs, seed oils, and vegetable extracts to deliver products that help address a variety of skin needs, from brightening to refining and color correcting to texture smoothing.

Each ingredient is carefully tested for both immediate visible results and long-term care.

Erborian Skin Hero

Erborian Skin Hero

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