Contemporary oral care

Marvis surpasses the traditional concept of toothpaste. It is a world that is at once current, curious, open to new things: it transforms simple gestures of the everyday into a moment of pure pleasure.

A whirlwind of sensations

The concoctions for toothpaste that charm even with its texture, are extremely compact and pleasant and offer perfect protection, an unmistakably fresh sensation, and an unforgettable smile.

Created in Italy back in 1958, the Marvis toothpaste is thought to have originally been created for smokers due to its wonderfully whitening effect. The brand's focus is still strong as “the pleasure of flavor that turns a daily ritual into a pleasure”.

Using its original formulas and iconic packaging style, Marvis is positioned as a unique luxury brand in its sector known for its efficacy, innovative flavors, and cult packaging.   

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