Quality controlled dermo-cosmetics

For more than 40 years, Dermagor has been developing dermo-cosmetic products for the balance and care of sensitive skin and solutions that complement treatments for a wide range of common skin conditions. To guarantee maximum efficacy, Dermagor has established quality control points at each stage of its product development.

Protection, balance & correction

Dermagor follows these essential criteria to restore and maintain the physiological state of the skin in all their products. The raw materials are carefully chosen for their effectiveness, and incorporated at optimal concentrations for an excellent efficacy/tolerance ratio. The brand follows their motto of “The skin is our interface with the world of contacts, but also with that of looks”.

Dermagor hosts a multidisciplinary team made up of dermatologists, pharmacists, and chemists and supplemented by renowned contributors who work together on each stage of formulation and analytical development, respecting good pharmaceutical practices.

Dermagor follows very precise scientific rules such as good manufacturing criteria, precise formulas, accessibility to practitioners, efficacy, and good tolerance tests for the most sensitive skin. 

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