Professional dental health

Advances in dental health in all phases of life through close partnerships with the profession, research and education. Elmex helps people be confident about their oral health throughout their lives by working with professionals to improve daily oral care habits through education and encouragement.

Uncompromising science

Elmex’s goal is to reduce the occurrence of preventable problems with uncompromising science and expertise to help people effectively and safely manage their health. The brand strives for packaging and formulas that contribute sustainably to the well-being of our planet.

The elmex® line originated in Switzerland and was developed by the Gaba group, which originated about 400 years ago, from the drug Goldene Apotheke Basel. 

In 1963, the first product of the elmex® line was born: elmex toothpaste, with amine fluoride technology. Over the years, the elmex line has become an expert in oral care, preventing dental erosion and tooth wear caused by the modern lifestyle of young people and adults.

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