Celebrity hairdresser Patrick Ales noticed that chemically-laden products were taking a serious toll on the hands of the hairdresser's and the hair of their clientele.

Committed to creating a product that would "do no harm" Ales conceived of nature-driven brand long before the emergence of global environmental awareness and the rise of botanical hair care trends.

Fascinated by nature, he decided to study the power of plants, their history of use in traditional medicine, and the role they might play to reveal hair’s natural beauty.

In 1965, Alès created Phyto for use in his very own salon near the Champs Élysées introducing clients like Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Deneuve, and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis to the unlocked power of plants.

Phytotherathrie means hair care by plants, from the Greek phyto=plants, thera=treatments and trix/tricos=hair.“The ecosystem of the hair and scalp is alive and precious. Phyto’s mission is to treat them with care and respect” - Patrick Alès

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