Pioneers in the French pharmaceutical industry

TOPICREM is the dermatological brand created by Mayoly Spindler pharmaceutical laboratories, a key healthcare player since 1909.

100% made in France

The entire production chain is perfectly controlled in its plants in the Paris region, from the selection of high-purity active ingredients to the most demanding manufacturing standards.

A unique approach to skin care

TOPICREM combines dermatological efficacy with the pleasure of application, Feel-good Dermatology, offering solutions for all sensitive skin types, whatever their concern, age, color or lifestyle.

Made In France Story: In 1993, the President of a renowned pharmaceutical laboratory asked his team to find a formula that could help soothe his son Oliver's chronically dry, itchy, and irritated skin.

Results: The pharmacists developed the first Topicrem product. A fluid and non-oily emulsion that moisturizes the skin without the stickiness - and safe for kids and babies.

Topicrem ensures all products are:

Safe for babies and children | Laboratory-proven ingredients | Ultra-clean formulations | Medical tested oversight

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