The natural and graceful French beauty is known as one of the most admired and desired secrets in the world, as it seems so effortless!
A unique and unforgettable experience that leaves you with that “je ne sais quoi” feeling!
Where is it coming from? What is the secret? Hard to put your finger on it!

The answer comes from the “less is more” philosophy and beauty products that use clean, natural and highly effective ingredients and formulas, found in French pharmacies!

A certainly unusual destination in the United States!
In France, local pharmacies offer an incredible range of affordable, clean, natural and efficient skincare products, all very well known and praised by beauty reporters, influencers and international travelers. made the commitment to bring to you the best of French pharmacies, beauty products formulated with the highest standards of quality and with integrity, right at your doorstep. goes above and beyond and offers you the added value of skin experts, providing advice and the French “savoir-faire” for glowing beauty. is an invitation to embrace the clean and effective formulas found in French pharmacies’ beauty products.

Join us in the “less is more” attitude as we rally for ageless beauty, starring women’s inner power!


why french pharmacy


Skincare found in French Phamacie’s are developed to integrate allergy-tested ingredients inspired by nature and dermatology in formulas that are efficacious and suitable for the most sensitive skin.


Unlike your typical drugstore, the French pharmacy is people’s go-to for common skin problems and beauty needs. From thermal water sprays to multi-purpose creams and oils famously kind on sensitive skin that gently hydrate and renew the complexion.


Staff members, with their white coats on, exude knowledge and professionalism and are trained in all skincare know-how. French people build a relationship of trust with their local pharmacist to unearth what works best for their specific needs and stick to strict skin care routines from their teenage to twilight years.


If you're skin is normal, dry, oily, sensitive, super-sensitive, or problematic, you will find a lifelong companion with beauty brands. Our curated collection of skin care products have been developed with hypoallergenic ingredients inspired by nature and science that are efficient and suitable for the most sensitive skin.


Voilà! beauty brands — focused on rejuvenation, hydration at the cellular level, beneficial thermal waters, and innovative plant-based products — are celebrated for their effectiveness and ability to reduce allergic reactions. Our skincare lines preserve, activate, and restore the skin’s natural processes.
Their secret is to apply skin biology to beauty products to offer maximum efficacy, tolerance, and optimal regenerative solutions to today’s multiple skin needs.

Now you’re in luck. No need to book a trip to Paris to pamper yourself the French way. From beauty products, skincare analysis, and personalized routine through our Beauty Buddy, has you covered.


the essentials

From carefully selected skincare products to multi-purpose oils and dietary supplements, is your one and only online access to all products available in French pharmacies, which keep their locals looking their very best!

beauty heroes

beauty heroes

We offer the perfect selection of little-known French pharmacies’ beauty products we love and trust.
Our Beauty Heroes’ line has been carefully put together with approved, efficient, reliable and tested products.
From radiance, brightness, and hydration, offers a unique line of products for beauty from the inside out for all skin types.

beauty buddy

Need advice? Ask our Beauty Buddy “BB” skin experts. offers a lot more than products.
Our team brings expertise and advice.
Given the analysis of your skin, our experts suggest the right products for you to obtain the best results for your skin.

our commitment

our mission

We select the cleanest and the most effective brands from French Pharmacies.
We believe in transparency, integrity and formulas that are impeccable and the closest to nature, as they are the most effective and healthiest.

our values

At, we believe that LOVE is the foundation of everything – the love we share with each other and the love we give to ourselves. Love is the fundamental and essential value to enrich our lives making them meaningful and fulfilled.
We truly acknowledge that mind, body and spirit are inextricably linked and need to be in constant harmony.
For that reason, treats each person as unique and as a whole, always offering the right advice and products with the “less is simply more” philosophy.

our pledge

  • We strive to align our words with our actions
  • We take a curious, unbiased, open-minded approach to everything we do
  • We test each product we offer, so it is always safe
  • We say “no” to products we don’t absolutely love
  • We only offer products we believe are worth your time and money
  • We value your trust above all

the founder

I have a long-standing history of creating beauty innovation.
I have a solid French/American background.
I combined our strength of beauty and ecommerce expertise to bring together all the brands found in French Pharmacies into a one-stop-shop.

Jerome Salem is a very keen ecommerce experts.
He is the founder and President of Direct Distribution International. With 16 years of experience to back him up, Jerome decided to focus his ecommerce knowledge to the creation of

His moto
“Health and beauty are closely related.
We provide health and beauty advice with the right mix of products, expertise and wisdom to ensure your complete satisfaction. offers a unique experience to reach your goal.”