Expert in light burns

Created in 1971, the BIAFINE brand is expert in light burns. Mr. Wenmaekers, a French chemist, discovers a formula that relieves mild burns by using it on his daughter-in-law accidentally burned.

From medicine to dermo-cosmetics

With over 40 years of expertise, BIAFINE is now developing several ranges of dermo-cosmetic products. It protects and repairs sensitive or damaged skin.

Medicine cabinet must-haves! Passed on from generation to generation, the BIAFINE product line hosts effective, multi-purpose creams used to soothe first-degree burns, sunburns, and non-infected skin wounds.

Found in French medicine cabinets for over 25 years, BIAFINE has recently made a name for itself around the world. 

Biafine Emulsion Tube Cream

Biafine Emulsion Tube Cream

$24.80 $31.20

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