Are You Cleansing the Right Way?

Who knew that cleansing your face could actually take some thinking, after all isn’t it just about rubbing some cleanser, splashing some water, and patting dry? Experts warn, not quite so.

It turns out, many women fail to properly cleanse their face and remove dirt and debris accumulated from the day. A proper cleansing routine combined with the right products means the difference between dull and glowing skin.

Consider this: people spend an average of 20 seconds cleansing their face, a minute amount of time in light of the environmental pollutants our skin is exposed to daily (chemicals from gasoline, car exhausts, coal, cigarette smoke, paints, coatings, and much more) that can lead to skin aging and inflammation, not to mention congestion. Add to this the cosmetics applied, such as sunblock, waterproof, or smudgeproof makeup, and we get ourselves a rather thick and resilient buildup on the outer layer of the skin.

The solution: Establish a proper cleansing routine that will leave you feeling renewed and refreshed.

1. WASH YOUR FACE. Twice a day, morning and night. While not much seems to happen at night that would warrant a morning cleanse, dirt and oil accumulated on the pillowcase can transfer to the face.

2. DOUBLE CLEANSE. Clearly, a 20-second wash won’t do to remove makeup, dirt, and pollution buildups. The first cleanse will only remove superficial debris and a double cleanse is always recommended to penetrate the layers of oil and dirt that cover the face. The surface acting agents will gently break down the grime from the skin allowing them to wash away with the rinse water. Make this your nighttime routine. Try Bioderma Sensibio Foaming Gel whose active ingredients mimic the skin structure.

3. REMOVE YOUR MAKEUP. Your basic cleanser won’t remove makeup thoroughly, so start off with an oil-based makeup remover, micellar water, or a gentle wipe to break down that foundation, eye shadow, mascara, and lipstick. Try Embryolisse Lotion Micellaire Make-Up Remover,  Klorane Make-Up Remover Biodegradable Wipes with Soothing CornflowerNuxe Cleansers with Rose Petals Micellar Cleansing Water

4. WASH IN A CIRCULAR MOTION. Use your fingertips to gently massage the cleanser into the skin.

5. RINSE THOROUGHLY WITH LUKEWARM WATER. Cold water keeps pores from loosening up and allowing the cleanser to penetrate and remove debris.

6. GENTLY PAT DRY. Don't rub, which can damage the skin. Use a towel specifically for your face — using the same towel for the face and body can transfer bacteria.

7. USE THE RIGHT CLEANSER FOR YOUR SKIN TYPE (ask Beauty Buddy). Try a milk or cream for dry skin, such as Topicrem Gentle Cleansing Milk (whose formula enriched with beeswax and glycerin leaves the skin supple and comfortable); a foam for oily skin, such as Bio-Beauté Anti-Pollution Gentle Cleansing Foam (the ultra soft, soap-free foam removes all impurities); or a hydrating formula for sensitive skin, such as Avène Extremely Gentle Cleanser Lotion, (which is formulated with minimal ingredients for maximum tolerance).


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