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We ❤️Topicrem’s story

Topicrem’s brand begins with a family anecdote. 
In 1993, Jean Gilles Vernin, CEO of Mayoly Spindler, became worried about the dry, eczema-prone skin of his son Olivier. He asked his research team to develop a unique, natural, simple, non-sticky safe skincare products with high moisturizing and lipid-replenishing power that would soothe the itching and redness of his son’s skin. 
They developed the Topicrem ultra Moisturizing Body Milk. With its moisturizing power, this fluid, non-greasy and unctuous emulsion penetrates the skin immediately. 
Right away, it became a revolutionary and popular product adopted by pharmacists, doctors and dermatologist, being suitable for babies, children and adults as well. 

Topicrem offers competence, effectiveness and success

Originally developed for babies and children, the ultra mild formulas (minimum of ingredients) offer optimal hydration, protection and guarantee tolerance. 
As you know, the #1 secret to beautiful skin is hydrated skin, that is healthy and naturally glowing!  
Topicrem’s products offer light and unctuous formulas that will leave you with a feeling of freshness that will last the whole day. 
Topicrem focuses on developing safe and ultra-mind formulas known for their gentleness. All of its products are clinically tested and developed in line with pharmaceutical requirements to offer safety and long term well being for the whole family. 
From moisturizers to gentle cleansing formulas, you will find all the products you need for you and your family. 
Topicrem is exclusively offered at Frenchpharmacy.com.

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