How to Achieve Glass Skin – the French Pharmacy Way

“Glass skin” is a term that was coined to describe exceptionally smooth, even-toned, and lustrous skin that is so flawless that it has the appearance of glass. This well-known trend originated in Korea, but quickly spread outward and continues to make its way around the world.

Apparently, people are crazy about having a luminous, almost transparent, complexion. When skin shines and glows so brilliantly, it really means that it is in its healthiest state and is very happy.

Understand the Process

When it comes to beautifying the skin, along with the rest of the body, there is no one-step method that provides instant results. Getting your skin, and the rest of your body into its healthiest state takes a lot of work and determination.

In order to get your skin to the healthiest state that it can be it takes a number of steps that have to be taken each day, twice a day. 

In general, the process will look something like this:

  1. Double-cleansing the skin
  2. Exfoliation
  3. Toning
  4. Adding essence
  5. Treat with a serum
  6. Moisturize
  7. Apply eye cream
  8. Apply sun protection

Getting the skin exceptionally clean and then removing any loose, dead skin is essential for getting the most out of every skin treatment session. After the first two steps, it is just as important to revitalize and tone the skin and then add essence to bring out the natural colors of your skin. 

Double Cleanse

Double cleansing is as simple as it sounds. It involves thoroughly washing your face with two cleansers. The only catch is that the cleansers need to be two different types in order to have the most beneficial effects.

Typically, the first round uses a micellar water solution to break down and remove impurities, including makeup,  and pollution. This is followed up by a gel or cream cleanser to emulsify and get deep down clean in your pores to ensure you have taken off the day!

Why do you need to use two cleansers? Well, here’s where the types matter:

A micellar water solution is designed to remove oil-based impurities, including makeup, and pollution by getting rid of the top layer first. The second water-based cleanser can really work its way into the skin, removing the likes of grime and sweat. Not only is a double cleanse meant to give a more thorough cleanse, but it can also revitalize dull skin and allow other skin care products to penetrate more effectively.

These are excellent cleansers:

Avène Cleanance Micellar WaterTopicrem Gentle Micellar Water

In essence, the process is similar to washing a car. The first step is to spray and gently wash away the grime and dirt that is on the surface of the vehicle. Once you wash away the first layer you will go over the entire car again with a deeper cleanse, another rinse, then add the finishing touches of waxing and buffing.

With facial skin, the first round gets rid of the obvious grime that can literally be seen on the skin, while the second round of cleansing removes the less obvious traces of dirt and grime and then provides a platform for the rest of the steps to be carried out.

How to Properly Double Cleanse

Double cleansing the face can be done in a number of ways, but for it to work the best it is recommended that before you cleanse the skin you either take a shower or cleanse your face with water before you add your first round of cleanser.

Hydrate the surface of the skin by showering or cleansing with water alone

Apply the cleanser with a damp applicator

When the face is wet and has plenty of hydration on the surface it helps the cleanser to work better than if it were to be applied directly to the skin without water.

Although there are cleansers that are formulated in a way that they can go straight on the skin without any extra water, those cleansers work great when there is moisture present on the skin.

If you are unable to take a shower, and for some reason can’t cleanse your face without water simply soak your applicator pad in water and ring it out to get it nice and moist before adding your first round of cleanser.

Once you have applied your first cleanse, make sure that you thoroughly rinse it off before you move forward to the next round of cleanser.

Because there are so many types of cleansers out there, it is important to read the directions that go with your desired second cleanser. Sometimes a cleanser with gel can be allowed to sit on the skin for long periods of time, but sometimes they are to be rinsed away immediately.

Before you move to the next step of your glass skin process, be sure that you rinse away all of the residues that could have been left over from your cleanser.


The process of exfoliation is to gently remove all of the traces of dead skin and other clingy litter that would otherwise cause your face to lose luster and brightness. Dead skin and clogged pores are two of the main reasons why people have dull, unhealthy-looking skin. There are a couple of ways that you can go about exfoliating your skin:

  • A physical exfoliator such as a gentle, but rough cleansing pad
  • Chemical exfoliation with glycolic acid or lactic acid

There are a number of products on the market that are designed to help physically scrub away dead skin such as loofahs and sponges. In addition to scrubbing tools, there are also exfoliating products that are equipped with tiny scrubbing beads that are suspended in a thick paste or gel. You can add a scrubbing gel to a scrubbing loofah and maximize your exfoliation experience, but you have to be careful not to damage your skin in the process.

As for chemical exfoliation, all you do is cleanse your skin with a solution that has glycolic acid or lactic acid so that it dissolves the dead skin right off of the face, then allows it to be washed and rinsed away.

One of the best ways to exfoliate the face is to use a scrub and mask product that both cleanses the skin and pulls away the dead skin as you peel the mask.

If you are new to exfoliants the best way to incorporate this step into your daily routine is to start off slow and work your way towards regularity. The best bet is, to begin with, two times per week and gradually increase your sessions to once every other night, then to once per night, then twice daily.

Your skin will eventually build up a tolerance to the products that you are using and won’t be so sensitive to them.

Here are a few top exfoliants that we recommend:


Topicrem Gentle Scrub Face & BodyFilorga Scrub and MaskFormule Peeling And Firming Body Cream – Against Crocodile Skin 3 in 1


Toning the Skin

What makes this step in the process so important is that toning does not only remove any more leftover dirt or grime that could have possibly made it through the cleansing process, but it also revitalizes and replenishes the skin by adding nutrients and balancing the pH.

Toning the skin:

  • Replenishes lost nutrients
  • Reestablishes balance
  • Adds natural hydration to the skin
  • Tightens the pores
  • Makes it look amazing

In the past, some of the companies that manufactured skin toners added alcohol to the solution so that all of the excess oils and hydration in the skin would be stripped away. Now that modern science has pointed out that our skin needs its natural oils to remain healthy, high-quality skin toners are created in a way that gently treats the skin and helps to replenish lost oils.

In addition to adding oil back to the skin, toning helps to re-hydrate dry skin by adding components that attract water within the body and hold it in the places that need it the most. Instead of slapping a band-aid on the problem, toning the skin actually resolves the issue by bringing hydration to the source and holding it there.

This extra hydration not only plumps the skin a little bit causing it to be more firm and supple, but it also helps to tighten the pores so that it is difficult for debris to enter them and clog them up.

We recommend these highly-rated skin toners:

Caudalie Beauty ElixirSanoflore Rose Floral Water Revitalising Toner Mist


Applying the Skin Toner

After you have already double cleansed your face and exfoliated your skin you will be ready to add the toner. This step is not necessarily complicated, but you do want to get the most out of this step because it is very important.

  • For the best results make sure that your face is thoroughly rinsed off and ready to receive the toner, otherwise, you could be wasting the whole process.
  • Most people use cotton pads, or something similar to apply toner to the face. However, if you are concerned about waste, you can simply use your hands to apply the solution.

One way to apply the toner is to pour a substantial amount into a dish, or your hand and allow your cotton pad to soak it up. Some toners have containers that are large enough to accommodate a cotton pad. When the pad has been saturated with the solution you can apply the toner directly onto the skin.

Since there tends to be an excessive amount of buildup towards the hairline and the top of the face, many people prefer to start applying the toner from the top of the face and work their way downward.

The important thing is to be thorough and make sure to apply the solution over the entire face. From the forehead, around the eyes, around the nose, and around the mouth. Of course, be careful about putting anything near or around the eyes.

Once you have applied the toner solution gently massage your face so that you make sure that you get deep into the skin where it may need it the most.

Next, gently rinse your face then pat it dry. After this, you will be ready to move on to the next step.

Add Essence

Essences, the less-concentrated relatives of serums, tend to be more lightweight and watery in consistency (a cross between serums and toners). Like targeted treatments, they’re formulated to address skin concerns like pigmentation and redness but with the added purpose of delivering mega moisture and hydration.

We recommend these skin-pampering solutions:

Vichy Mineral 89 Daily BoosterFilorga Age-Purify Double Correction FluidIaluset Hyaluronic Acid Cream Anti Wrinkle


Treat With a Serum

Serums have an array of concentrated ingredients to help nourish the skin, reverse signs of aging, and promote collagen to help provide firmness, minimize pores, and even out skin tone.

For daily use, switch to a hydrating serum with moisture-boosting ingredients like hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and vitamin E. “For structural firmness, for your skin, vitamin C and retinoids will encourage collagen production.

We recommend these high-grade serums:

SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic SerumAntipodes Glow Ritual Vitamin C Serum With Plant Hyaluronic AcidTopicrem AH3 Global Anti-Aging Serum


Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

Moisturizing is a no-brainer in any skincare routine, but when you’re aiming for that luminescent look, you’ll want to reach for one that is lightweight yet packs maximum moisture. Look for nourishing botanical extracts, powerful hydrators, and antioxidants

Cica, which is short for Centella Asiatica or Gotu Kola, is a sought-after ingredient in Korean skincare because of its healing, anti-aging, and barrier-restoring properties.

With all of the products that are available on the market today, things can be a bit confusing when it is time to pick one, however, if you stick to the high-quality skincare for face products that French Pharmacy has to offer, you can’t go wrong.

Here are our top recommendations for moisturizing:

Ialuset Hyaluronic Acid Cream Anti WrinkleUltra Moisturizing Face Cream GelLaponie of Scandinavia Care & Hydrate Face Cream


Apply an Eye Cream

You can’t make glass skin happen if you’re rocking dry patches and bags under your eyes. Adding an eye cream or serum to nourish the fragile eye area that tends to be drier than the rest of your face is a huge bonus and helps to accomplish that glass skin look that people around the world are trying to achieve. 

The reason for using eye cream is that regular moisturizers may not be able to fully quench those dry areas. High-quality eye cream is formulated to replenish those specific areas around the eyes that need special attention.

Antipodes Kiwi Seed Oil Anti-Aging Eye CreamTopicrem AH3 Global Anti-Aging Eye ContourSkinCeuticals AOX+ Eye Gel


Apply SunScreen (Daytime Only)

Sunscreen is a very important part of the recipe for glass skin. It has to have an SPF of at least 50 to be adequately effective. Want to know why?

If you have skin that’s not protected from the sun’s rays, consider your glass skin dreams absolutely dashed. This is because no matter how many steps you have in your skincare regimen, put simply: skin that’s weathered from UV rays won’t shine. Protection from the sun is a year-round must. And one with the right ingredients—think lightweight formula and lots of moisture.


Take Care of Your Skin and Your Body

It would be quite foolish to expect that your skin could have that glassy sheen that looks so dazzling if you didn’t take care of your body as well. It is important to eat right, exercise, stay positive, and continue to strive to keep your body in great health. 

In addition to the way that you cleanse and refresh your face on a daily basis, it is crucial to eat wholesome foods that nourish your body and to drink plenty of water. Foods that cause inflammation and dehydration will often cause your skin to look unhealthy as well, no matter how much you treat it.

Always choose high-quality products to put on your skin and make sure that the ingredients are not cheap chemicals that will harm your skin and your body.

If you follow our simple steps on a regular basis and continue to live a healthy lifestyle, achieving glass skin will not only be a strong possibility but keeping it glassy and robust for years to come will be a promising part of the outcome.