NO To Skincare Brainwashing

When it comes to skincare, forget everything you’ve read or heard before!

Confusing, surprising? The skincare brainwashing started in the late ‘50s and ‘60s from all the cosmetic companies. They sold everyone that idea that you will dry with age. Based on French pharmacists’ research, we know that this is absolutely nonsense. As you break the addiction of harsh chemicals, harsh, abrasive, skin-aggravating ingredients, and over skincare usage, your skin may feel dry and irritable, your skin may feel like it’s missing something but the withdrawal is worth it!

Rethink what 'skincare' means 

When it comes to applying skincare products, it’s not always better to apply more as the skin gets addicted to replacement moisture and then stops supplying its own hydration from within the body. And your natural hydration is what really keeps skin healthy and young.

How do French Pharmacy's beauty products differ from usual skincare products?

Beauty products found in French Pharmacies have the specificity of being suitable for all skin conditions, including the most sensitive ones.  Most importantly they work with the biology of the skin instead of looking for external or temporary solutions. French Phamacy's beauty products work to re-educate the skin, teaching it to repair itself... Those brands have a complete product portfolio addressing all skin types and/or conditions but all suitable for sensitive or sensitized skin. 

To achieve this, French Laboratories have combined the gentlest ingredients and fine-tuned their dosage to ensure that the formulas are hypoallergenic and very well tolerated by the skin. They have also chosen the best active ingredients to make sure the formulas are efficient but balanced, all for really solving the underlying causes of the skin condition and not just fixing temporary symptoms. In many cases, products have been submitted to clinical trials administered by dermatologists, or placed under high levels of dermatological control. 

Therefore, French pharmacy's products are the perfect mix of safety, results and self-indulgence.

Knowing your skin type

Knowing your skin type is extremely important as it drives everything about the texture and types of products you should be using. The more you know about your skin type, the more you’ll be able to help your skin look and feel as normal as possible, and more normalized skin is the goal.

Before you start your skin analysis with Beauty Buddy, wash your face with a gentle cleanser and then wait about 15 minutes and see how your skin behaves.

If you’re skin quickly starts showing oil diffused over the face, you have oily skin.
If your skin starts experiencing some dryness and feels tight, you have dry skin.
If your T-zone (the area around your nose, chin, and central forehead) starts looking oily but your cheeks and jaw area start feeling slightly to moderately dry, you have combination skin. This is the most common skin type because everyone has more oil glands in their center of their face than on their cheeks.

When you finally discover what your skin type really is you can then make better decisions about the products you should be using. 

With our selection of French phamacy's beauty products you can expect notable difference within 6 weeks and a big one within 18 weeks, once three skin cycles have taken place.

Happy skin with frenchpharmacy.com.


Frenchpharmacy.com brings to the USA all the beauty brands found in French Pharmacy offering the best quality products, in agreement with our values:

  1. Clean, gentle and effective
  2. Clinically proven
  3. Cruelty Free
  4. Ethical Sourcing
  5. Environment friendly: Our partners are always working towards a sustainable development. By reducing packaging and supporting recycling, all of our brands are actively participating in respecting the environment.
  6. All products are made in France