The Less is More Philosophy of French Women

There is something to be said about French women’s down-to-earth attitude when it comes to beauty. Take today’s movie icons, Marion Cotillard and Juliette Binoche, or sex symbols of the past, Brigitte Bardot and Catherine Deneuve, whose features, although distinct, can be summed up by a single word: natural. That’s what makes French women, well, so French; they do very little, yet exude a very laid back and effortless vibe, with quiet confidence, for an approachable beauty. Granted, celebrities happen to be naturally beautiful, but their attitude about skin care is one that the women of France all share.  

There is a less is more philosophy that calls for prioritizing a simple skin care routine for flawless skin and effortless glow. French women of all ages see pampering the skin as an enjoyable ritual, yet understand that more is far from the solution. The skin, it turns out, can become dependent on moisturizer and fail to naturally hydrate — the key to healthy and youthful looking skin. French women have known this secret from centuries and only use beauty products that work hand-in-hand with skin biology. 

With that in mind, French laboratories have combined the gentlest and the best active ingredients to create hypoallergenic formulas that are well-tolerated by the most sensitive skin. Efficient and balanced, these products — which are developed under strict controls and often undergo clinical trials administered by dermatologists — truly aim to solve skin problems, without allowing our largest organ to become lazy.

Beauty products found in French pharmacies are the perfect combination of safety, result, and indulgence. Recommended by dermatologists worldwide and sold in French pharmacies, these products are now available at frenchpharmacy.com. 

To get you started, here are a few French skin care secrets:

  1. Don’t use soap. Instead, try washing your face with a mist of thermal water, followed by a cleansing milk or gel, then wipe it off with cotton. Repeat as needed until the cotton is clean. Another option, oh so very French, is to cleanse with micellar water to trap and remove debris from the skin with a cotton square.
  2. Use a serum for a plumping effect and lasting moisture.
  3. Nourish the eyes with a refreshing and lightweight cream or gel.
  4. Never leave the house without applying sunscreen.
  5. Stick to your routine, yet change things up during seasons, such as swapping for a richer moisturizer during winter.
  6. Pamper your face with a moisturizing mask once a week.
  7. Never go to bed without removing your makeup. Make this last cleansing step a relaxing ritual before your bedtime.
  8. Drink plenty of water.
  9. When in doubt, ask your Beauty Buddy for advice!

Frenchpharmacy.com brings to the USA all the beauty brands found in French Pharmacy offering the best quality products, in agreement with our values:

  1. Clean, gentle and effective
  2. Clinically proven
  3. Cruelty Free
  4. Ethical Sourcing
  5. Environment friendly: Our partners are always working towards a sustainable development. By reducing packaging and supporting recycling, all of our brands are actively participating in respecting the environment.
  6. All products are made in France