After graduating from the Paris Institut d'Études Politiques and completing an MBA from NYU, Aliza Jabès was able to transform the traditional laboratory in the heart of Paris into an eco-empire spread over 50 countries.

Inspired by a passionate belief that the botanical world is the source of significant therapeutic discoveries, Aliza Jabès created the Nuxe brand to explore the right balance between richness and simplicity.

Wanting to push the commitment to Nature to it's logical apex, Jabes created BIO-BEAUTÉ® by NUXE. An innovative certified Organic skincare brand, with novel and pleasurable textures which are kind to the skin.

After numerous studies, the NUXE laboratory discovered the many benefits of the unique combination of a high concentration of active botanical oils with the best fruit extracts in certified Organic care products.

"The nuxettes, as I like to call them, don’t belong to a precise age range. What they have in common is the special attention they pay to nature. They are demanding, sensuous and feminine. But always very modern." Jabes

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