Confidence is the New Sexy. How to tap into that inner sexy?

That red lipstick on your pouty lips might make you feel sexy, but what’s invisible to the eyes is truly what makes you stand out: self-confidence.

The idea seems rather conspicuous, sure we all know that confidence is attractive, yet how does one tap into that inner sexy?

It’s about defying cultural norms of beauty. For centuries, women have been subjected to ideals of beauty that varied from a curvy body to a boyish look, thin lips to a full luscious pout, long loose waves to a short and stylish pixie, or plucked eyebrows to a bushier natural kind. It’s more. In an attempt to keep up with those norms, women have strapped their bodies into breath-hindering corsets and starved to fit into that size zero dress.

Not anymore. Today, women are urged to be themselves. Who might that make you? If you like muscles, get on the floor and start those pushups; if you dig your back curves, then focus more on keeping them round rather than losing a few inches. Embracing who you are and being comfortable with yourself turn physical appearance into a much more desirable trait — inner strength.

Here are seven tricks that will have you bring out the inner sexy, confident you:

  • Tune out the outside noise and listen to yourself. Others’ opinions do not define who you are. Learn to accept your body and embrace your unique features.
  • Create your own self-confidence boosting rituals. Make a list of your strength and what you like about yourself and practice positive self-talk in front of the mirror or as you drive. Post notes around the house and read them to yourself to always remember who you truly are.
  • Practice taking deep breaths and exhaling before entering a situation that might make you feel uncomfortable or let doubt creep in.
  • Dedicate more time to doing the things you’re good at and make you happy, or explore and nurture new hobbies.
  • Spend more time with those you love.
  • Indulge in some me-time, such as a bubble bath, a good read, a movie.
  • Practice selflessness. Give back to those who need it most, children, animals, and take the focus away from you.
The bottom line is that when you feel good about yourself, you exude confidence — NOW THAT'S SEXY!