Do You Know Your True Skin Type?

Let’s face it, knowing your skin type and finding the right skin care products to create a suitable routine can be frustrating and confusing with the scores of brands, formulas, promises, and conflicting information out there.

For some that may mean shutting down and sticking to the little they know — yet missing out on some truly fantastic cosmetics. For others, the experience may be more of a whirlwind with many products bought on a whim and discarded before allowing for ingredients to make a difference. Then, there are those who still wonder what their skin type is and fail to grasp why it matters to achieve smooth, healthy looking skin.

Well, fear no more!

frenchpharmacy.com has developed a skin care diagnostic tool with you in mind. With Beauty Buddy you can kick your frustration to the curb and say bonjour to an easy to follow guide for that beautiful skin you deserve.

Beauty Buddy goal is to help you better identify your skin type and provide you with a list of products better suited to your unique epidermis (a combination of genetics, habits, and external factors) and narrow down your main areas of concerns. 

With Beauty Buddy, it’s a simple matter of answering a few, yet critical, questions that will allow us to determine what you need, from skin care essentials you shouldn’t skip to the best beauty products for all stages of life.

Created by French skin care specialists based on in-office clinicians’ surveys, our complimentary questionnaire is available to all our visitors. We make it easy for you to describe how your skin feels and looks, and what your top concerns are. Combined with your gender and age bracket we identify the best products for you to use, what they target, how to use them, and provide you with a timeline of when to expect to see results.

Our curated selection of products are clean, gentle, effective, clinically-proven and budget-friendly prices. Most importantly, they help and emphasize the skin to do its job!

Start your journey toward a beautiful skin with Beauty Buddy.



frenchpharmacy.com brings to the USA all the beauty brands found in French Pharmacy offering the best quality products, in agreement with our values:

  1. Clean, gentle and effective
  2. Clinically proven
  3. Cruelty Free
  4. Ethical Sourcing
  5. Environment friendly: Our partners are always working towards a sustainable development. By reducing packaging and supporting recycling, all of our brands are actively participating in respecting the environment.
  6. All products are made in France