Revealing the Power of Hair Products from France

It is no wonder why so many people around the world trust and depend on the seemingly magical benefits that hair products from France have to offer. The French seem to be obsessed with the need to create products that not only enhance the natural beauty of the person within, but also are gentle and kind to the environment. What better way to care for hair than to keep it well-nourished and stimulated so that it continues to grow and be beautiful for as long as time allows?

French Ingenuity and Hair Loss Rejuvenation

Hair loss is a common malady that touches countless people every day. One of the good things about thinning hair is that it is not always permanent. In many cases, factors such as stress, environmental aggressors, poor eating habits, medications, and other instances can cause an imbalance that promotes hair loss.

Hair loss can be addressed by:

  • Maintaining a healthy diet
  • Learning how to relieve stress
  • Consistent hair care
  • Promoting a healthy scalp

Since hair is produced and grown from hair follicles that are on the scalp it only makes sense to take good care of them in order to maintain a full head of healthy hair.

The Power of Plants

It could have been an attempt to speed up the process of beauty. It could have been a means to cut costs and get more money. It also could have been that some people believed that if they developed hair products with man-made chemicals it would be better for the people that used the products and the environment. 

Regardless of the reasons why companies choose to integrate chemicals into their products for hair care, the end result was that these chemicals strip away the natural elements of the scalp and hair that keep them healthy.

Loss of natural elements in the hair and scalp can lead to:

  • Dry skin
  • Dry brittle hair
  • Hair loss
  • Flaky, irritated scalp
  • Discomfort

Many of the pioneers of the French beauty industry knew, decades ago, that harsh chemicals and other man-made ingredients can harm the human body as well as the environment. It is for this reason that French beauty products are known throughout the world for their ability to cleanse and enrich the skin and hair without stripping away core nutrients that the body needs.

Instead of using cleaning agents, solvents, and other synthetic components, the French turn to plants and the natural healing elements that they possess in order to provide people with wholesome, healthy skin and hair care.

Phyto Botanical Power

One of the great things about French Pharmacy is that we connect with some of the top French companies in the world so that we can offer high-quality brands to our customers everywhere. Phyto is one of those unique brands that offers a complete line of products for hair that not only nurtures the hair itself but also provides healthy elements for the scalp.

Using the power of botanicals infused with the passion of French beauty philosophy, Phyto has developed some of the most effective hair loss products in the world.

Phyto Cyane Densifying Treatment Shampoo

A great way to promote hair growth and gain density of hair is to use the Phyto Cyane Densifying Treatment Shampoo that we have available on this website. The specialized ingredients of this formula work together to revitalize the scalp and promote health to the skin and the follicles.

Two of the main ingredients:

  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • Cinchona Bark

The combination of Ginko Biloba and cinchona bark creates an unstoppable force of powerful antioxidants to help fight off environmental aggressors. In addition to the antioxidants, these two components offer anti-inflammatory properties as well.

Phyto Cyane Densifying Treatment Shampoo
Inflammation of the skin cells on the scalp can lead to itchy, flaky dry skin that can clog up the follicles and inhibit hair growth, while environmental aggressors such as ultraviolet rays from the sun, severe cold, and debris in high winds can become problematic. 

The formula that makes up this highly effective densifier is carefully combined so that the person that uses it gets essential nutrients that counteract the elements that cause the hair to thin. The gentle shampoo cleanses the scalp, and the hair, but also leaves behind a protective barrier that shields hair, individually, from the root at the scalp to the tip at the end.

As this unique formula enriches the hair and follicles, it also stimulates the scalp and helps to encourage keratin production. 

Keratin is what hair is made out of. The more the scalp produces, the thicker and healthier the hair is. It is no surprise, if you understand the dynamics behind a healthy head of hair, that this particular product is not only effective but widely used around the world.

In addition to the powerful properties of Ginkgo Biloba and cinchona bark, the formula also offers the incredible properties of grape seed procyanidins. Scientific studies have shown that proanthocyanidins from grape seeds actually promote hair growth by invoking the hair follicles to become active.

This shampoo is easy to use and can be applied daily. Simply apply it to a damp scalp by gently massaging it into the skin of the scalp and rinsing it away. Repeat the process a second time and allow the product to stay on the scalp for two minutes, then rinse it away again.

By replenishing the hair and scalp with vital nutrients, cleansing the skin & follicles, and adding a component that initiates hair growth this dynamic shampoo is a perfect example of how marvelous French ingenuity truly is when it comes to beauty.

René Furterer Triphasic Strengthening Shampoo

Another phenomenal product that helps to restore hair loss and revitalize the scalp is our René Furterer Triphasic Strengthening Shampoo. While it is easy to use and can be applied every day it has tough ingredients that help to fight the thinning of hair. Whether the cause is progressive or reactionary, this formula is designed to provide strong hair that looks and feels terrific.

René Furterer Triphasic Strengthening Shampoo

As with most of the other great hair care products from France, René Furterer is diligent about using only the finest ingredients that do not contain harsh cleansers or solvents. Instead of trying to treat thinning hair with chemicals, the goal is to use natural botanicals to help the body and the scalp produce hair naturally and strengthen the hair by providing the type of nutrients that urge the follicles to naturally produce new hair.

With a strategically formulated combination of vital essential oils from choice plants and ATP Intensif, this shampoo is equipped with natural forces that energize the hair follicles and promote health to each strand of hair.

  • Pfaffia extract
  • Orange essential oils
  • Lavender essential oils
  • Rosemary essential oils

One of the main components of the formula is an extract known as Natural Pfaffia which helps to maximize the way that nutrients get delivered to the scalp. Without help, many of the nutrients that other manufacturers use will never make it to the places that need them the most.

In addition to ensuring the delivery of proper nutrients, Natural Pfaffia deeply, but gently, cleanses the hair and scalp. When the user massages the formula onto the scalp it activates the rest of the natural ingredients causing the strengthening of hair and the stimulation of the hair follicles. 

The legacy of René Furterer stems from the beginning of his French beauty endeavor back in 1957. Ignited by his passion to be able to offer the world a wholesome, plant-based line of products that delivered superb results, René created a method that he called Etheirology. Within this method there was a three-phased plan of action that delivers great results:

  1. Prepare
  2. Cleanse
  3. Treat

René believes that beautiful hair stems from a healthy scalp. It is with this belief that his products are created, developed, then offered to the world as powerful, natural solutions to some of the challenges that people face with their hair.

The Triphasic Strengthening Shampoo is easy to use and simple to apply. Simply apply the shampoo to a wet scalp, cause it to lather up, and gently massage it in with a circular motion. Leave the formula in for 1-3 minutes then rinse away well. 

Vichy Dercos Neogenic Redensifying Shampoo

Another one of our powerful hair-restoring shampoo formulas is the Vichy Dercos Neogenic Redensifying Shampoo which is available on this website. Vichy Laboratories has over 90 years of effective production and is recommended by dermatologists around the world. When it comes to a solution for revitalizing and redensifying hair, you just can’t compare French developers to any others in the world.

Vichy Dercos Neogenic Redensifying Shampoo

What makes this redensifying shampoo different from others is that the formula uses naturally occurring mineralizing water that possesses vital minerals, including ones that are rare and hard to find. Some of the main minerals are:

  • Calcium
  • Potassium
  • Manganese

This rare and powerful water helps to gently but thoroughly cleanse the hair and scalp, while the other ingredients help to develop new hair growth and create a fuller, thicker head of hair.

Most of the time hair loss is due to cells that have stopped producing new hair. This formula is able to awaken cells that have gone dormant and invoke them to begin producing hair again.

Some of the perks of this particular treatment are:

  • Boosts new hair growth and promotes higher-density hair
  • Brings dormant cells back to life and encourages them to produce hair
  • Replenishes volume, strength, and body to the hair
  • Uses Patented Stemoxydine + Pro-Densifying Technology
  • Great for thinning hair, but not good for a bald scalp

Since Vich laboratories has been around for nearly a century, it goes without saying that they have an impeccable reputation in the industry. The company collaborates with a highly-skilled team of skin health experts and dermatologists in order to use the latest insights of discovery and technology to produce skincare and hair care products that supersede many other manufacturers out there.

The Dercos Neogenic Redensifying Shampoo is simple and easy to use. All you have to do is apply a small amount to a wet scalp and gently massage it in. Rinse off and repeat if needed.

Some Common Causes of Thinning Hair

Although French hair products are among the best in the world, sometimes there is not much anybody can do about hair loss. For some, it is merely a part of living and aging. Many people are subject to the history of their own family genes and end up losing hair just because their DNA tells them to.

Some of the common reasons for the thinning of hair are:

  • Hereditary
  • Hormonal changes
  • Medications and dietary supplements
  • Radiation therapy
  • Extreme stress
  • Hair treatments gone wrong

When it comes to hereditary balding there are a handful of treatments available on the market that have shown the possibility of correction. There are some topical remedies that stimulate the cells and follicles in a way that promotes the regeneration of hair. As hopeful as some are to hear this news, the truth is that it does not work for everybody.

When we talk about hair loss because of hormonal changes, whether or not the circumstances are correctable depends on the individual. For some women, the journey through menopause is difficult and agonizing. Not only does the woman experience a whirlwind of emotional changes all at one time, but they can also stop producing hair and begin to go bald. It is possible for the woman to suddenly start growing hair again, or to start growing it again with specialized treatment.

There are several medications and dietary supplements that can contribute to the thinning of hair. If a person is using medication or supplements that cause them to lose hair it is often that once the problem is corrected, hair growth will occur again. The good news is that any of the shampoos mentioned above are able to help with this.

Another reason people can experience dramatic hair loss is if they are going through radiation therapy. Whether or not the hair grows back after the therapy will completely depend on the individual.

It is not uncommon for a person that is experiencing a very stressful situation in life to lose hair in the process. Stress can be managed by taking the time to relax and breathe when it is possible.

Over the centuries people have experimented with millions of ways to wash, style, dye, and customize hair. Some people will respond well to different chemicals touching their skin and hair, while others can experience dramatic hair loss. It still happens, all the time, when a hairstylist treats hair the end result is the hair melts away in the process. Melted hair and damaged hair follicles can result in a bald head.

French Pharmacy and Hair Health

French Pharmacy agrees that the best way to have healthy hair is to have a healthy scalp and healthy skin as well. The products that we share with our customers are formulated to deliver outstanding results and promote stellar health. In addition to properly cleansing the hair strands and the scalp that holds them in place, our products are meant to restore health and bring out the beauty that already lies beneath. We hope that you choose the products that are right for you and get the very most out of all of your beauty needs.